Author: David B. Coulter

What’s the Difference Between Interest and APR?

So, what is the difference between interest rate and APR? And which one is more important? If you use credit products, you´ll want to understand these terms so that you can make informed decisions. What’s the Difference Between Interest Rate and APR? Interest is relatively straightforward. It’s what you pay on principal — in other…

5 Ways to Increase Your Credit Limit in a Short Amount of Time

The most obvious benefit of a higher credit limit is increased spending power. With access to more credit, you can be more flexible in your spending and may even earn additional rewards like air miles or cashback from your credit card provider. But having a higher credit limit also comes with another important benefit: a…

How Long Should You Wait to Apply for Another Credit Card?

If the credit card you have is not the credit card you want, you have probably wondered about acquiring a second card. Over time, everyone’s financial needs change. Perhaps your current credit card offers little in the way of benefits, or you still have a secured card on which you have built your credit history….