Credit Monitoring Affiliate Program

Credit Report Affiliate Program

Do you have a website or social media channel that you’re looking to monetize? Do you offer a service where your clients could benefit from credit monitoring or an increased credit score? If you do, this credit monitoring affiliate program may be a great way to make residual income. 

SmartCredit in a Nutshell

SmartCredit offers you tools to take control of your credit score. SmartCredit is connected to over 36,000 creditors in the United States, making its action buttons fast and effective. Members can fix credit report errors, recover from identity theft, replace a lost credit card, get a better interest rate, or settle a debt directly with their creditor.

Our product integrates an innovative horizontal report, action buttons, and integrated applications. It includes 24/7 credit monitoring and identity protection, along with all credit scores. Near real-time alerts are sent to an email or mobile phone. With the simple push of a button, members can identify and take action on theft right from their phones. SmartCredit’s features are matched to the customer’s credit and lifestyle, saving them time, money, and future headache.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Unlike other forms of advertising and marketing, affiliates are paid when they generate a sale. As an affiliate, you are given a custom link or promotional code that is placed on your website or social media channels. For every sale that you generate from your efforts, you are paid a commission. Sometimes the links are in the form of a graphic advertisement on your website; other times, they are custom links or promotional codes. Affiliates can also use their current network and word of mouth for signups as long as a custom link or promotional code is used. The most successful affiliates already have viewership or customers, but it is not required. 

How Do You Become An Affiliate?

Most often, an affiliate has to apply for the affiliate program. The application generally asks how the affiliate plans on promoting their content, how many website visitors, customers, or followers they have, and what those pages are. This will allow the business to look into the affiliate to ensure it’s a good fit for both parties. One of the most commonly asked questions is how much it costs to become an affiliate. The majority of affiliate programs cost $0 to join or apply. 

How Does An Affiliate Program Work?

An online visitor will review the affiliate’s content, click on the branded affiliate link then is redirected to the advertiser’s website. Typically brands will use a tracking link to determine where the customer comes from or they use a discount code provided to the affiliate. When a purchase is made and attributed to the affiliate, the affiliate is then paid a commission. The commission amount depends on the business.

An affiliate will decide which banners or ads they will place on their websites. Their decision will be based on the website traffic they generate as well as the commission structure. Pay-per-lead and pay-per-sale are the most common affiliate programs. Amongst advertising tools, affiliate programs are considered to be the least costly for driving traffic to a website. The pay for affiliate programs is performance-based, making it the ideal partnership for a business. 

The SmartCredit Affiliate Program

With the SmartCredit Affiliate Program, you partner with ConsumerDirect as a preferred SmartCredit influencer/affiliate. ConsumerDirect provides a unique, custom link that is used for SmartCredit signups. The affiliate starts earning monthly, residual revenue for each member that remains actively enrolled in SmartCredit. The prospective customer goes to the unique affiliate link. The customer is provided with access to their reports and scores through ScoreTracker, ScoreBuilder & ScoreMaster, and other essential features and tools. 

For the affiliate’s customers, SmartCredit is unique in that it has three powerful tools. It also has additional money and credit features to simplify their financial world. ScoreMaster is the only tool of its kind. On average, users experience a credit score increase of 61 points in less than one month. Users can see how payments or spending change their score and plan the best time to apply for more credit. The users can also compare three scores and reports for each bureau in one place. Scorebuilder also has a 120-day action plan. This personalized plan is made to understand what is hurting and helping a user’s credit score. The user can view negative accounts weighing down their score and take action directly to the source. ScoreTracker also has an in-depth look at the different types of scores and how they can change over time. This allows the user to get a better understanding of their progression.

Frequently Asked Questions About Credit Monitoring Affiliate Programs

Is there a limit on how many customers I can promote to?
No, you can promote to your entire network.

Is there a time-obligation?
Once you become an affiliate, you can cancel promoting the SmartCredit products at any time.

Is there a setup fee?
There are no upfront or subsequent costs unless you are interested in a co-brand opportunity. Payouts will be reduced by the cost of any refunds or chargebacks.

What is the pricing structure?
Unlike many affiliate programs, ours works differently. You can learn more about how pricing and revenue work here

Are you interested in the Credit Monitoring Affiliate Program and other tools offered by SmartCredit? You can sign up here to get more information. 

*Legal Disclaimer – ScoreMaster is a patent-pending educational feature simulating credit utilization’s effect on credit scores via payments or spending. Your results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Credit Report Affiliate Program

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