New ver 5.1.1 wows consumers!

Today, I am proud to announce the all new with never before seen technology and features.

Many already love our horizontal credit report as a better and easier way to view their credit. Now, we have added easy and advanced viewing modes to simplify things even more. It’s also the only interactive credit report with patented Action buttons allowing you to communicate directly with your bank or creditor for anything you need. Use our simple Action button wizards or our new quick message feature, which is similar to instant messaging.

In another first, we added Action buttons to your bank and credit card transactions. Money Manager lets you put all your online accounts in to one place to better organize your money and budget. Most importantly, it’s interactive. You can easily communicate directly with your bank or creditor for any account or transaction issue, with a button. In yet another first, our Super Link technology automatically identifies your online accounts so you have no guess work. Securely enter your username and password once and your online account is all linked up.

Our Live ID Alert system sends you alerts of important or suspicious activity happening in your bank accounts, credit cards, credit report and more. Simply push the button in the Alert to communicate directly with your bank or creditor to ask a question about the transaction or to stop fraud. really does simplify life. Forget about calling, writing, waiting for business hours or looking up account numbers. Just push the button!

We also simplify things for your bank and creditors too. They can respond to your Action requests with a button as well. It saves them time and money. The good news is were connected to over 30,000 banks, creditors, debt collectors, utilities and more.

We are proud to say that only we have the button doing what others can’t or won’t to simplify your money, credit and identity.

Please enjoy!

David B. Coulter
C.E.O. and Founder
the makers of

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