How to control your credit and protect your identity with the simple push of a button.

Three simple rules everyone can follow.

One of the most important things for us as Americans to do is control our credit and protect our identity.   It is entirely our individual responsibility.  For many, credit and online identity can be a complicated and tough concept.

Your credit can be used not only to determine credits and lending, but also for insurance and even for a job.  Your identity, such as your credit card information, social security number, date of birth, address, etc. is stored in thousands of data bases and not all are secure.  It’s easier than ever for identity thieves to take out credit in your name.

How can you take ownership and control your credit and identity?

With these three simple rules:

1.  Review it.

– Look at your updated credit report at least once a month.

– Know your credit score before you apply for credit.

– Carefully review any credit and identity monitoring alert you get.

2.  Control it.

– Make sure your credit report is accurate.

– Ask your creditors to fix errors, settle small debts and get goodwill corrections.

– Also request better interest rates and terms where ever possible.

3.  Protect it

– Ensure you have credit monitoring and identity protection.

– Put these alerts on your mobile smart phone.

– Immediately tell your creditor if an alert is not accurate or is not related to you.

This will help ensure you have the best possible credit score and prevent identity theft.

Where can you do all this?  It’s hard to know which web sites are simple enough to help you easily understand and control it all in one place.

This is why we built

You can easily review, control and protect your credit and identity all in one place.

Our first big innovation is our Smart Credit Report.  It’s an entirely new experience.  What makes it unique is we turn your credit report horizontal and isolate each element in to its own slide making it easier to read and understand.

Then we gave it simple search and sort features.  You can view only your negatives or just your credit cards.  Click on an item and your credit report will slide right to it.

Our other big innovation is our Smart Action button.  This will communicate directly with creditors you see on your credit report.

We spent years building our network of 36,000 creditors so you can ask them anything.  No phone calls, no writing letters, you don’t even need your account number.

You can ask about an unknown charge on your billing statement or tell them you lost your credit card.  Maybe you want a more competitive interest rate or settle a debt.  Even tell them the balance is incorrect or you weren’t late last month.

We also put this Smart Action button right on your mobile phone.  It’s the fastest way to talk to your creditors and stop identity theft.

We also have an integrated application center (‘App’) center which is all relevant to your credit and lifestyle.

As simple as our Smart Action button is, some people need things laid out for them in step-by-step manner.  Just tell me what to do concept.

For this, we partnered with trusted national- financial expert Jean Chatzky and built the Jean Chatzky Score Builder App to show all types of consumers the action buttons they can push to improve their credit and finance situation in 120 days.

It has great help icons that show you how to fix errors, get goodwill corrections, settle a debt or remove identity theft.  Help videos are specific to your credit score and explain each action you can take to achieve better credit.

The Jean Chatzky Score Builder is an industry first and only available at is the premier online product where you can easily control your credit and identity.

David B. Coulter – Founder and C.E.O.

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