What Is ScoreBuilder?

If your credit has fallen due to unforeseen circumstances, you need not to worry. Having a low credit score can feel like you have dropped into a rabbit hole you cannot climb out of. Financial instability can be life-altering and very stressful. If you fall into such a situation, all is not lost. SmartCredit has innovative tools you need to not only bounce back but bounce back strong. One of our tools within our platform is ScoreBuilder*. 

ScoreBuilder is a unique platform that gives you a 120-day plan to help build yourself a better score. This personalized plan is catered to your specific needs and situation. It will help you understand what is hurting you, what is helping you and will guide you through an easy step by step process on how to increase your score. Additionally, ScoreBuilder will let you know what actions to take on your account. You can also use ScoreBuilder to view the negative& accounts weighing down your score and what actions to take to fix them. 

120 Days to Better Credit 

If someone stopped you on the street and told you that you could have better credit in 120 days, would you believe them? What if they had proof and case studies to show you that with a simple plan that’s easy to follow, you have the opportunity to increase your score? 

Starting Score, Current Score & Goal Score

Rather than guessing what score you’ll get by following our plan, you’ll be able to log in and see your starting score, current score, and goal score. The easy step by step guide walks you through all the items on your credit report that are helping your score, hurting your score, and what actions to take to get closer to your goal score. 

Action Categories 

Within ScoreBuilder, our goal is to teach you how to take action on your own. You’ll understand how errors, small debts, and the risk of identity theft stand in the way of your goal score. By following a few simple steps like removing mistakes from your credit report or wiping out old or small debts, you’ll get closer toward your goal score. These categories include: Fix credit report errors, get goodwill corrections, pay off or negotiate small debts, and remove identity theft. Within the action section, you’ll also be able to monitor your action history. 

Next Steps 

  • After you follow the steps and take actions, the following steps include: 
  • Confirmation of your actions.
  • Alerts with responses from your creditors.
  • Credit monitoring alerts when your credit reports are updated. 

Since you are likely dealing with multiple creditors, how they respond could vary. In many cases, you’ll receive a response via an alert from us. Other times, a creditor may update your report, which will then be picked up by the credit monitoring services causing an alert again on our end. Less commonly, a creditor may contact you directly with a question or to inform you that your file has been updated. This may be done in writing or via telephone. In rare cases, a creditor may not respond at all. 

Additional Things to Do

Check your ScoreBuilder monthly to assess your progress and, if necessary, take new actions to boost your score. In the meantime, use the other features of your membership to control your money and credit, including ScoreMaster

  • Link your phone in Alerts
  • Check your credit report for updates at least once a month.
  • Add ALL your online banking accounts to Money Manager.

*Please note that active membership is required for complete Action results. This feature unlocks if you have negative credit data.

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