Smart Credit Announces a Patent Filing for its Hiring Risk Index

NEWS RELEASE – May 18, 2010

Hiring Risk Index helps consumers better understand how an employer may use their credit report to determine hiring, firing or promotion.

COSTA MESA, CA May 18, 2010 – Smart Credit™ today announced the recent filing of a patent to secure future intellectual property protection for its Hiring Risk Index.  The Hiring Risk Index was developed by Smart Credit to help consumers better understand how approximately fifty percent of U.S. employers are viewing their credit report to, in part, make hiring, promotion and even firing decisions.  The Hiring Risk Index uses credit report data to generate a score, rated 350-bad to 850-excellent, along with details on how employers may interpret their credit report.  The Hiring Risk Index is included with Smart Credit membership at no additional charge.

“For the first time, consumers can better understand how an employer might judge their credit reports.  It is a growing trend that employers are using credit reports as an aid in hiring; our Hiring Risk Index helps consumers prepare for job interviews,” said David B. Coulter, the founder and C.E.O. of Smart Credit.

This Hiring Risk Index is also tied to job listings showing applicants where there is a high likelihood that an employer may use one’s credit report in its hiring decision.

The Hiring Risk Index is connected to credit monitoring alerts and may change when certain elements of a credit report change.  It uses certain stress weighted factors that Smart Credit believes are relevant to employers.  The percentages below reflect how important each category is to the Hiring Risk Index:

Payment history in the last 12 months – looking for recent financial stress 40%
Tax liens and collection accounts 25%
Excessive credit cards, automobiles or mortgages – looking for signs of unnecessary or frivolous financial stress 15%
New credit or attempts for new credit within the last 6 months – looking for sudden change in financial needs 10%
Length of credit history 5%
Student loan history 5%
Total 100% of the Hiring Risk Index

With the unfortunate fact that credit reports often contain incidents of identity theft as well as common errors, consumers can be handicapped when looking for a job. is designed to help consumers control and protect their credit, along with developing more positive credit behavior.  Smart Credit’s action buttons are ideal for ensuring that consumers’ credit reports are the most accurate they can be.  This may have a positive effect on the Hiring Risk Index, thereby increasing the chances of a positive employer review.


ConsumerDirect® is the maker of the Smart Credit system and was founded in 2003.  It is an employee-owned company pioneering innovations, buttons and applications designed to get consumers to take action.  No matter what their credit situation or lifestyle, is suited for all Americans.

Smart Action™ buttons allow consumers to immediately address items on their credit reports that may impact their credit scores or affect their finances.  These action buttons allow members to get better interest rates or ask their creditor anything.  There is no need to make phone calls, write letters or look up account numbers.  Consumers can also fix credit report errors, get goodwill corrections, recover from identity theft, replace a lost or stolen credit card, or settle a debt all directly with their creditors.  Smart Credit has built a network of over 36,000 creditors, collection agencies and financial institutions, making its Smart Action buttons the premier way of effectively communicating with creditors.

Smart Credit also includes its Always Active Complete Protection™ as the premier way  for consumers to guard against credit and identity theft.

New members to can take advantage of a minimum five-day unrestricted free-trial, then pay as little as $19.95 per month, with no long-term obligation.

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