and Jean Chatzky in a powerful partnership to help consumers understand and control their credit. selected by Finovate as one of Americas top most innovative companies.

On May 11th, at Finovate Spring 2010 in San Francisco, CA both Jean and I presented Smart Credit’s newest application (‘app’):  the Jean Chatzky Score Builder.  This app is the result of a great partnership between Smart Credit and Jean Chatzky, combining our advanced technology and Jean’s trusted financial expertise.  Together we set out to create a platform for consumers to understand their credit and control it like never before.

Finovate Spring 2010 was a wonderful opportunity for both Jean and I.  Finovate selected Smart Credit as one of America’s top 36 most innovative companies.  They also loved the Score Builder App strategy we were building with Jean.  As a result, we decided to launch the Jean Chatzky Score Builder App at Finovate.  It was great to be on stage presenting with Jean in front of our peers, members of the press and analysts.  They got a chance to see how unique and helpful Score Builder is.

I presented and how its unique horizontal credit report made it easier to read and understand one’s credit.  Then I talked about how our Smart Action buttons let members ask their creditors anything with the simple push of a button.

Jean then presented the Score Builder app and how it uses Smart Credit’s technology to show individuals a personalized step-by-step credit score building program.  She talked about how it helps people understand their credit score, sets a credit score goal and how action buttons can be used to achieve this goal.

It was a big hit at the show!

Building the Jean Chatzky Score Builder App.

Jean and her team worked with our designers and development team at Smart Credit almost around the clock to launch the Score Builder app in time for Finovate.  We had a lot of fun coming up with great ideas to make Score Builder unique in its ability to help consumers achieve better credit in 120 days.

Score Builder is more than just showing what possible action buttons to push.  It is a behavioral change tool.  It helps one better understand their credit score and the impact on their lives.  Then it sets a goal: a better credit score in 120 days.  The heart of Score Builder are action buttons used to achieve this credit score goal in 120 days.

Score Builder shows each credit report account in a simple way and presents four action buttons for individuals to choose how they can improve their credit and finance situation.  Here are the actions that can be taken:

– Fix credit report errors

– Get good will corrections of negatives

– Negotiate and pay off small debts

– Remove and declare identity theft.

Choosing a reason to take an action is simple with the drop down menu of default reasons and messages direct to the creditor.

Each action has a targeted video and help bubbles to help explain what action(s) could be taken.  Jean did over two dozen personalized videos that are integrated in Score Builder.

When an action is taken it goes directly to the source, the creditor.  Score Builder uses Smart Credit’s technology to communicate with over 36,000 creditors to ask them anything.  It’s fast and effective.

Best of all, we made Score Builder free with membership.  We are so confident about our product, we allow new members to enjoy an unrestricted free trial period to look around and make sure they want to stay a member, before they get charged any membership fees.

For the first time, in conjunction with the Jean Chatzky Score Builder app, truly gives consumers a simple tool to control their credit with a button.

David B. Coulter – Founder and C.E.O. of

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