Why your credit report can stop you from getting the job or promotion.

How your credit can get you hired, fired, and even stop a promotion. Part ii of iv: Why your credit report can stop you from getting the job or promotion.

To understand why bad credit can stop you from getting a job or promotion, let’s first understand that good or great credit will only bring you to neutral in an employers hiring decision.

In part i, we learned most employers are not qualified to review your credit report.  Additionally, most do not know the difference between good or great credit by looking at a credit report, which has no negatives items (remember: employers cannot see your credit score, only your credit report).  It is true that good or great credit will give you an advantage over other applicants with bad credit.  On the other hand, do not count on good or great credit to be anything more than judging you as one with normal credit.

To help you prepare for an interview, let’s examine how employers interpret your credit report.  If necessary, review part i again, to see what employers are looking for on your credit report.




Your credit demonstrates you should be highly considered and paid, for a job or promotion. However, most employers will see this as normal credit.


You have a proven ability to keep your credit history in good shape. However, most employers will see this as normal credit.


Employers will most likely not use your credit in their hiring decision.

Below Normal

Your credit might be a problem. Employers are more likely to look at the detail of your credit and ask questions.


Employers will consider you with sub-prime credit.  They are less likely to hire you or more likely to pay you less.

Very Bad

You might be an employment risk and your hiring prospects could be minimal.

If the employer interprets your credit report as Below Normal or worse, your chances of getting the job or promotion become slim.

What can you do?

Understand your credit well and be prepared for an interview.  Part of being prepared is making sure your credit is the best it should be.  Be proactive and use SmartCredit.com Our Smart Action buttons work quickly to fix errors, get goodwill corrections of negatives and settle debts to help your overall credit.

Coming soon:

Part iii – The job applicants’ death spiral.

Part iv – Getting fired because your credit changes during employment.

David B. Coulter – founder and C.E.O. of Smart Credit